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Dietician: Monika, have you ever been on a diet before? What is your experience in this area?

Monika: My adventure with weight loss started with your diet, so I guess I am very lucky. Before that I used to watch the weight loss processes of other people, e.g. a friend of mine, who tried many different diets and ended up at a hospital several times, because of these diets...

Dietician: I am very sorry about your friend`s problems. I assume that her difficulties have effectively dissuaded you from experiments on your own body. If you did not try to lose weight before, what made you change your mind?

Monika: I just saw my holiday photographs, in which I wore a swimming suit. It was horrible!

Dietician: I think that this is quiet a popular start for many diet-related stories ;) what made you choose our diet?

Monika: A friend of mine was on your diet in October 2015. This one time I was at her place, I got hungry. She made me a cocktail that was in her diet plan on that day. I remember being very sceptical about it, I did not even want to eat it at first, after learning that it was a part of a diet... but it turned out delicious! Then I realised that a diet can be tasty and I decided to try it myself.

Dietician: It is much easier to maintain a tasty diet, that is why we make sure that our diet plans include only delicious meals. How much weight did you lose? Are you satisfied with your results?

Monika: I managed to lose 11 kg. At the worst time of my life I weighed over 70 kg, then I lost weight down to 56 kg. This is exactly the result that I wanted to achieve.

Dietician: What can you tell us about the diet itself? How did it go?

Monika: Smooth :) I really liked it that I could replace meals, that there was a shopping list that automatically adjusted to replaced meals and that I could choose how many portions I wanted to make. This is great, especially when you want to invite someone over and serve them something healthy and delicious. Life on a diet was very good, but the life before diet was good as well. The most important thing for me was not to feel discomfort, but pride that I have achieved my goal and I can see the results. I received many compliments from the people around me, actually I receive them all the time. It is extremely nice. I am also aware that I am good-looking and men get attracted to me - it took me a few months to learn how to give them short shrift ;)

Dietician: The diet plan includes healthy, balanced meals, so you can definitely offer them to your guests :) Now we will talk about something that always interests girls on a diet - crisis. Did you have a crisis? How did you deal with it?

Monika: I would not call it a crisis, not in my case at least... Sometimes if I craved a burger or there was a birthday party with a cake, I would eat it. However, thanks to changing my eating habits, I usually did not feel like eating anything sweet and I could not eat too much anymore. I still have it.

Dietician: Do you feel like your life has changed after starting our diet?

Monika: I feel much more attractive (I even had to learn how to give guys short shrift, because more of them are interested in me now). Weight loss made me more confident and people around me appreciate it. My mood is also much more stable, because regular eating habits allow me to avoid moments of hunger that used to make me annoyed. There were a lot of changes in my life recently, all of them positive, but some of them difficult (it was difficult to break off engagement, finishing the house is a battlefield), but generally speaking I would not go back now - I managed to perfectly match my body with my surroundings. Regular diet and training sessions made me emotionally stable and healthy - this is very important. I have no complexes now, I stopped getting ill.

Dietician: And how do you feel as an ambassador for healthy diet plans? Did you like your photo session?

Monika: It feels great! I am very happy that I can inspire other people :) As for the session... I had a great time and I really felt like a star - it was a real boost for my ego! I recommend this experience to anyone :)

Dietician: Thank you very much for the interview.

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