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Diet`s cost optimisation

Never again will you need to pay too much for your food.

Is it possible that Fitatu Diet™ allows you to spend only 7 pounds a day for all food products? Yes. This is as much as two takeaway coffees. Everything is possible thanks to thoughtful choice of products, as well as an algorithm responsible for optimal product usage.

Start saving money in a healthy way!

Crispbread with avocado, tomato and olives, 1,86 L, 5 min., 343 Kcal

Strawberry and kiwi parfait with nuts and and bran flakes, 1,63 L, 5 min., 354 Kcal

Chicken with red peppers and mozzarella cheese served with rice, 1,98 L, 30 min., 540 Kcal

Wrap with prawns, feta cheese, sweetcorn and red pepper, 3,2 L, 3 min., 546 Kcal

3500 simplest dishes from United Kindom

Individual replacement (substitute) function for dishes

£5.67 / Monthly £68.99 every Fitatu Diet™ 12 months

£7.66 / Monthly £22.99 every Fitatu Diet™ 3 months

£11.49 / Monthly

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